Nearby Attractions

The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, home to Pidurangala, is an area where intrepid travellers will find many sites that have a rich heritage and much to experience; iconic Sigiriya, the archaeological treasures of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa and the amazing elephant Gathering at Minneriya to name a few.

On your journeys make sure you visit some of these attractions including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each with different stories to tell.


This magnificent rock fortress located across from Pidurangala is a true world wonder


The Golden Temple of Dambulla is a sacred site amidst caves where time stands still


The ruins of an ancient kingdom beckon, full of archaeological marvels that inspire awe


Step back in time to when kings ruled and the land flourished during the Golden Age


Witness the amazing sight of hundreds of elephants roaming freely, on a thrilling safari

Aukana Buddha Statue

Towering above and carved from granite, a stoic statue that has stood the test of time


From sites rich in natural beauty to exotic wildlife, discover the region’s rich diversity


A historic mountain and pilgrimage site where the story of Buddhism in Sri Lanka began