Travel Tips

Before you set about planning a trip to Pidurangala, take a quick browse through our compilation of travel tips that will help you have a fun and safe climb!

Sunset or Sunrise

For the best views, consider timing your climb to catch a glorious sunrise or sunset. We guarantee you it will be a remarkable experience! Try to avoid climbing during mid -day as the heat can make the trek rather unpleasant.

Carry Refreshments

It’s hot, humid and needless to say the climb is sure to burn a lot of calories, while this might be a good thing, in the long run, it can leave you feeling tired and lightheaded. So, do carry plenty of bottled water and snacks. Protein bars are highly recommended.

Sun Protection

Do slather on ample amounts of sunblock to protect you from the harsh rays especially at the summit. The trail is shaded by dense canopies of trees and you would have to navigate your way through rock crevasses so do carry insect spray as well.

Don’t be a Litter Bug

The climb its self will be quite tricky but be rest assured that all your huffing and puffing will be duly rewarded with panoramic vistas. Enjoy the views but make sure you leave nothing behind. Do pick up after yourself and leave the site as you found it.

Best time to Visit

Pidurangala is located in the dry zone and unfortunately, the heat can be quite unbearable at times. So, consider planning a visit, when the weather is considerably pleasant and cool, which is between the period of January to early March.

Wear Proper Foot Wear

Do make sure to wear appropriate footwear such as hiking boots or comfortable sneakers, with socks to avoid injuries or cuts. And also, to avoid any accidents if you happen to run into a slithering amphibian or two.

Take a Sarong / Shawl

To access the rock, you first have to pass through the temple, and as a sign of respect, one has to dress covering one’s shoulders, knees and walk barefoot. So, remember to take along a cover-up to use as needed.