Mihintale is a religious complex and a revered pilgrimage site in the Buddhist world, which is located approximately 13 Km from the city of Anuradhapura, This is the spot where Arahat Mahinda was believed to have converted King Devanampiytissa, to Buddhism. Eventually, Minhintale became the very cradle of Sinhalese and Buddhist culture.

For centuries its various caverns, stupas, and monasteries were used by meditating monks, fortunately, those ruins are well preserved and can be seen today.

The great stairway consisting of an impressive 1,840 steps carved into rock is another important feature that has survived centuries.

Other ruins to takes in include the Naga pond, Lion Pond, Mahinda’s Cave and the’’ Aradhana Gala Rock’’ meaning the rock of invitation, where Arahat Mahinda first met the king.

Do climb the rock via the ancient staircase (it’s well protected with railings) and take in the incredible views of the region. Maybe timing the ascent to catch a sunset from the summit would be a great idea as well.

Visitors can gain access to the complex at 500 LKR. Remember, shoes are not allowed at a certain point, so bring a pair of socks to help you walk around with minimal discomfort. Also visiting during early mornings or late afternoons is highly recommended to avoid the heat.