Aukana Buddha Statue

Considered to be one of the very best examples of a standing effigy of the Lord Buddha in ancient times, the Ahukana Buddha Statue is a major attraction visited by many tourists and devotees.

The statue which has been carved entirely out of a large granite rock boulder was believed to have been created during the 5th century at the time of King Dhatusena’s reign. It stands at a towering height of over 40 feet and depicts a variation of the ‘’Abhaya Mudra’’ pose

To visit the site, one will first have to reach the village of Ahukana, located near Kekirawa, which is also in close proximity to the picturesque Kala Reservoir, another ancient legacy left by a great king.

The statue showcases a seamless blend of influences from the Amaravati school of art in India and the Gandhara school of art as well. If the local legends are to be believed, the Ahukana Buddha Statue was a result of an intense competition between a sculpture master and pupil. The figure is located within a large image house so do take a good look around the ruins as well.