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Discover one of Sri Lanka’s most talked about places of interest; Pidurangala. Located in close proximity to the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Pidurangala has a proud ancient heritage which is often overlooked by many who visit. From the rich history to the adventurous climb and glorious views at the peak, you’ll find all that you need to know right here!


Standing 199 metres tall, Pidurangala Rock has a long history which is widely believed to date back to the second century BC and is where a monastery was built by King Kashyapa. Ancient chronicles state that monks who previously resided at Sigiriya were donated the temple by the king before he took to building the marvellous structure atop Sigiriya Rock. The temple consisted of five buildings called ‘Panchavasa’, some of which can still be seen during your visit.


Get a glimpse of the picturesque views and unravel the history before you head out on your journey to Pidurangala Rock.



Explore some of the other sites that adorn the Cultural Triangle; the architectural marvels, the rich heritage and blissful moments surrounded by wildlife will leave you breathless.